About Gvanim



Gvanim provides a broad range of opportunities for people with different disabilities. Our method is based on a personal and community approach - each individual develops his personal plan, accompanied by professional team member. This approach helps each individual to formulate independent decision-making processes and to acquire the tools and skills required to realize current and future personal goals and dreams. The individual work plans are integrated into one or more of the services scheme provided by the organization.

Gvanim provides guidance and facilitates development of skills in the field of employment and career management, guidance through and during enlisting to military and national-civic service, professional studies and academic degrees, entrepreneurship and participation in social involvement, housing solutions and more. The individual work process is interwoven with group activity, alongside being part of the community - as part of personal and community empowerment, in which all the parties benefit.

Gvanim was founded in 1987 by members of the urban kibbutz in Sderot, and today provides for more than 1,000 people with disabilities of all kinds, a range of over 25 programs nationwide, which includes an exclusive specialization for young people between the ages of 18 and 35.

Gvanim encourage dreaming and gives each person a wide range of tools and personal accompaniment that is required to achieve ones dream. As part of this, individual must choose and define a goal in three areas of life, and includes community contribution and social entrepreneurship. Gvanim considers the service recipients as full partners in the development of programs - which were often adopted by the various government ministries.

The goal of Gvanim is to help people with disabilities to develop skills for independent life and full self-realization and to enable them to experience and live a vibrant and full life through the perception of EQUAL. Because we are all different. Equal. And partners!